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Bill McIntosh

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On August 17, 2015
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Social Video Formula is not another over-hyped products. You will learn how to profit big with Facebook Video Ads... if you implement the training. Save 82% during pre-launch.

Facebook Video Ads are taking over!

According to Social Video Formula creator Bill McIntosh, you can ride the wave to big profits with Facebook Video Ads if you get in now.

It’s been a hot trending story for weeks now, that Facebook is going after YouTube for dominance in the online video marketplace. With their new auto-play video ads Facebook has made it easier and cheaper for advertisers to market their wares to highly targeted audiences, based on Facebook’s huge demographic engine.

Inside his Social Video Formula, reveals comprehensively what you have to do to profit fast using video ads on Facebook. The biggest advantage, at least at the moment is that the cost if really low… I mean really low!





Thousands of targeted clicks for pennies… who wouldn’t want those kinds of results at those costs? And, it is possible, if you know what you’re doing and that is what Social Video Formula teaches you to do.

Social Video Formula may be the low-cost paid traffic you’ve been searching for!

Facebook video ads are extremely hot and not many marketers are doing them right now. So this is just like Google Adwords about 15 years ago. With Facebook video ads you can get a lot of targeted traffic and get more sales for any kind of business and services, online or offline without breaking your bank account.

With the newly launched premium video ads, Facebook is definitely going to try to compete with YouTube. They were able to increase video views by 50% during the month of May & June 2015. So it looks like Facebook is on a good way to keep the users on their platform instead of going to YouTube. With the new Facebook video ads and the Social Video Formula blueprints you’ll be able to:

  • Get your videos viewed for less than a penny per view and you only pay based on actual views
  • Drive loads of targeted traffic to your site for CHEAP
  • Create video that are shared virally across social networks
  • Re-target everyone who watched your video on Facebook & run ANY kind of ad to that audience later
  • Only ads that are optimized based on your conversion rates are shown
  • Get cheaper traffic and higher conversions
  • And lots more…


I purchased Social Video Formula because I’m buying more paid traffic these days. I no longer want to depend on organic traffic only to drive targeted visitors to my landing pages or sales pages.

In my opinion, Facebook Video Ads offer the same opportunity that Google Adwords did 15 years ago which means you can earn big riding this wave for as long as you can.

Bill has put together a solid course.

I’ve published a very detailed overview of Social Video on Storify. You can read it here if you need more information before making a decision.

Otherwise, I recommend you grab a copy and then implement the strategies as outline.



Social Video Formula is not another over-hyped products. You will learn how to profit big with Facebook Video Ads... if you implement the training. Save 82% during pre-launch.

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