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How To Use Video To Build Your List

Use Video To Increase Click-Through Rates and more… More and more video is appearing online – both personal videos people share with friends and videos marketers are using to sell their products, build traffic to their websites, as products themselves, and to build their lists. The infographic below tells the story… When you talk about using video for list-building, most …

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Build an Effective Opt-In List or Die as an Internet Marketer

how to build an opt-in list

How To Improve Your Opt-in List Building If you have been an Internet Marketer for more than a few days, you have without a doubt already seen a ton of articles telling you about the value of building your opt-in list. What most of the ‘experts’ don’t tell you is that building an EFFECTIVE and profitable opt-in list takes time …

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WP FreshStart 3 Review – 80% Savings

wpfreshstart review

WordPress FreshStart 3 plugin does 20 minutes work of setting up a WordPress site in 10 seconds. Now you can create Google-Friendly WordPress sites in seconds without the hassle of: This makes the boring task of setting up WordPress sites super easy with this ONE CLICK plugin that does all the mundane tasks for you. Whether it is deleting all the …

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VideoStrike Review – What A Scam!

video strike review

VideoStrike Makes Big Claims, But Does Not Deliver? VideoStrike IS NOT What It’s Creators Promise! VideoStrike claims “you can increase your conversions and grab a huge share of the video market with zero extra effort – all by having the out there…” In my use of the product I found that not to be the case at all. In fact it was …

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VideoSkins Review – Should You Buy It?

VideoSkins Review

This Product Is No Longer Available VideoSkins is a SaaS tool that will allow you to easily build, customize and manage your very own video players, from an impressive web-based drag ‘n drop player builder. (Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a …

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Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets Review

the illusive magic bullet

7 Steps to Super Affiliate Ninja Commissions There are no “Magic Bullets” in Affiliate Marketing, but… this comes close! If the idea of promoting other people’s stuff, using other people’s web sites, sales materials, proven emails, subscribers and even TRAFFIC, sounds like something that interests you, then I highly recommend you check out Jason Mangrum’s new book, “Super Affiliate Ninja …

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How Amway Prepared Me For Online Success

(This is not an advertisement or recommendation for you to join Amway!) A while back I was watching a video by Devon Brown where he addressed a common question raised by new online marketers. The question goes like this, “If I follow your system to the letter, exactly for 30 days, how much money will I make?” Devon gives what …

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