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Carvly Review – What A Dissappointment, Don’t Buy

Carvly Fails On Multiple Levels

Carvly, like a lot of IM software, makes lots of bold claims, but after a week of using it, all I can say is that I’m highly disappointed.

It would seem that I’m not alone as the refund rate on the product is nearly 20%.

According to its creators, the ‘Carvly Team’ this SasS software is supposed to, “Instantly Create Images & Videos And Manage Your Social Media Campaigns From A Single Dashboard”. And users should easily derive the following benefits of using the software, which are:

And users should easily derive the following benefits of using the software, which are:

  • Create engaging content that goes viral in minutes
  • Create impressive Video clippings and grow your audience base
  • Schedule posts to go live at peak traffic hours on autopilot
  • Publish all your posts and across major social media with just a few clicks

The dashboard and interface are fairly easy to navigate, but the software is buggy, the tutorial videos vague and you waste more time trying to get things to work than being productive.

Carvly in its current form is really a beta version and not a fully vetted final software product.

In my online business, I use a variety of automation software tools to do the heavy lifting. I generally base my purchasing decision on reviews from other marketers I trust and the reputation of the vendor.

Because I had previously purchased QuizFunnels by the same team and it performed as advertised I thought I’d have the same experience with Carvly.

I was wrong. And for this reason, I cannot recommend Carvly.

I have sent a support ticket to the vendor. If they respond in a timely manner and fix the current problems,  I will report back with an updated review. But until then, avoid Carvly.

If you purchased Carvly, let me know your experience in the comments below.

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Paul Ponna – VideoPal Review

How To Build Videos That Convert with Video Pal

Breakthrough video-software comes out once in a blue moon… but VIDEO PAL is here, and you are about to be blown away!

Video Pal features walking-talking 2D and 3D animated video “characters” with text-to-speech in 24 different languages that will arrest the attention of any website visitor.

Now, anyone can create interactive Video Pals that live on your website and talk to your visitors to deliver your call to action. Simply choose an Avatar, type in your text, or use one of the made for you scripts and in less than 5 minutes you’ll have your own live video salesperson embedded to your website.


Better yet, Video Pal also comes packed with real-life human spokespeople, or you can even turn YOURSELF into a “pal” by just shooting a video of yourself in front of a solid colored wall (green works best).

The software does the rest, removing the green background and placing YOU on any website you’d like!

You’ve seen these kinds of “video hosts” before, but they usually run $500 to $1000 to place on your website. NOW – you can place video spokespersons not only on YOUR website or blog, but on ANY website or blog to increase your leads, and sales by up to 3 times!

The possibilities with VideoPal are endless:

  • It works on all devices (even mobile)
  • Use Video Pal on your own website or any other website
  • Use 2D, 3D, or real human videos, or even your OWN videos to create these “walk on” video magnets
  • Create Video Pals in seconds with the BEST Text to Speech in 24 different languages
  • Works great on all websites, even WordPress, ClickFunnels or LeadPages

VideoPal is the new standard in increasing website conversions no matter what your site, no matter what your niche.

Click the link below and check out VideoPal today, and virtually guarantee your website will convert better!

For more information, click here

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SpinRewriter 2.0 Review: Move Over Best Spinner!

SpinRewriter Article Spinning Software

Princeton and Stanford Scientists Develop Article Spinning Software

Go here for details…
What others are saying…

Spin Rewriter Article Spinner Better Than The Best Spinner If you submit to article directories you want the best spinner you can find to make your job of spinning out multiple copies of your article.…

The Spin Rewriter Review This software makes The Best Spinner look like a toy.…

I received several emails from marketers today about a new web based article spinner called SpinRewriter.

I have lost count of how many article spinners I have in my arsenal these days. The Best Spinner (TBS) has been my go to. I’ve also used Spinner Chief, but SpinRewriter is very simple to use.

I have only done a couple of articles both with the “one click” rewrite and they have come out pretty good.

There is an option to list words you don’t want synonyms created for and that failed on me today with my second article, but as this is a new product I am sure there are some kinks to work out and as the site states, ” it is constantly learning so time will tell”.

The SpinRewriter one click feature takes just under 3 minutes to create an article which is still a heck of a lot faster than spinning articles manually. So far I am impressed.

The results are pretty damn good considering you can just highlight the whole article (or highlight what you want rewritten) – an press go.

I am sure it will need more testing with more articles, but to me, SpinRewriter seems actually better than The Best Spinner, because of the time it saves you.

Go here to test drive Spin ReWriter yourself

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