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Initial Impressions of Zero Cost Commissions…

My first impression of Zero Cost Commission was skepticism. I admit it. I’ve read too many of these promise the world, deliver little eBooks.

Furthermore, I know that nothing in life is FREE, especially if it’s worthwhile.

Then when I opened the PDF and saw that it was ninety-nine pages I was really put-off!

But as I began to read through the material, I found that I had read half the report in about 15 minutes. Yup, it’s a quick read.

Zero Cost Commissions delivers both the “how to do” and the “why to do it.” This is without a doubt invaluable to anyone looking to boost profits using a new system.

Most guides tell you “to do” but fail to explain the thought process behind the technique.

Zero Cost Commissions provides a deeper insight into how to effective create high converting affiliate product review sites.

Review sites are not new. I started building product review sites that make me a considerable amount of money using Jonny Andrew’s Money Siphon a few years ago.

But things change. Techniques that worked extremely well a year, a month or even a week ago crash and burn thank to the every evolving Google algorithm.

For example, Squidoo was once the primary Web 2.0 property used by affiliate marketers for review sites. But, because of abuse (mostly spam) Squidoo cracked down and now it’s virtually impossible to publish a lens referring to a product launch using Jonny’s formula.

Has the information in Zero Cost Commissions helped me… and will it help you?

Because I am familiar with creating Review Sites, my read through probably went a lot faster that your initial read through will.

That being said, I immediately recognized several important things that I’ve been leaving out of my reviews.

The tips that Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta give are certain to boost conversion rates. One of the things I immediately recognized was using a really powerful headline. I’d gotten away from this; but your headline is what captures the visitor’s interest and compels them to keep reading the page.

Too many affiliate product reviews are cookie-cutter. Most are simple rehashes of a template review copied from another site or from the product owners emails.

These offer little in the way of an honest review of the product and basically rely on “bonuses” for conversion.

Zero Cost Commissions exposes a fool-proof blueprint for creating affiliate review that will meet the needs of your readers and literally force them to click through your affiliate link.

I’ve already taken steps to re-write several of my reviews on existing blogs. Just increasing the conversion rate by a few points will literally sky-rocket my income on these existing without having to generate any more traffic.

5 “new” things I learned from Zero Cost Commissions…

1. The importance of Review Site layout.
2. The importance of crafting a powerful headline for your review site.
3. Why you should split-test your Call To Action
4. Why using images can kill conversions.
5. 2 powerful methods for using video on review sites that drastically increase conversion and profits.

What I found most useful

Zero Cost Commission comes with a neat piece of software that automates posting your review to WordPress blogs! It’s neat, but that is not what I found most useful.

More important to me were the chapters that exposed the psychology behind the process. You see, once you understand this you’re off to the races.

The product creator give great tips on how to structure your review around what actual users are saying and what potential buyers are asking.

Who would benefit from purchasing the product?

Zero Cost Commission will be particularly beneficial to new Internet marketers because it covers the basics essential to writing/creating affiliate review sites that convert into sales.

For those of us with more experience, it forced me to review what I was doing and make changes that will drastically improve the bottom line.

A problem with gaining experience is that you begin to drift away from the fundamental tasks that were responsible for initial success. Zero Cost Commissions helps to get you back on track.

Should you purchase it if you’re experienced? Do this. Check the stats on your review sites. If your review site is not converting, then I suggest you buy this guide; it can only help you.

What They Left Out!

While Zero Cost Commission is comprehensive, I felt the creator could have provided more real time examples of the kinds of review sites he suggests you create.

Don’t get me wrong. The methods he outlines are extremely effective, but for newer marketers it cannot hurt to give clear examples (either screenshots or actual URLs to sites using this method.)

In fact, on page 53, the creator states “I’m not going to give you advice on how to write a headline – because it’s fairly straight.”

That might be the case if you have experience writing effective headlines, but I believe he could have devoted a couple of paragraphs on the subject and/or given more examples.

How Quickly Will Zero Cost Commission Make You Money?

I’d love to say instantly, but that would be deceitful. The truth is, no one can answer that question. A lot depends on your writing abilities and experience marketing affiliate products. Moreover, the secret to writing an effective affiliate product review is to own the product and test it yourself.

I believe it is dishonest to review something you’ve never used or don’t even own.

If you follow the step-by-step instructions, you can create effective review in a matter of minutes. With the software posting them to your blog is a snap.

The more you do it, the better you will become at it. But mastering product review is well worth the effort because it is an effective way to increase profits that is zero cost!

What other skills or tools do you need to get the most out of the Zero Cost Commissions?

1. Ability to write review articles.
2. Cash to purchase products that you review (or at least get a review copy from product creator)
3. Knowledge of WordPress blogs and how to optimize them for the search engines (there are WordPress plugins for this)

Do I Recommend Zero Cost Commissions?

I recommend Zero Cost Commissions to anyone looking for a free method for making money online, building your list and increasing website traffic using free methods.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have absolutely nothing to lose. All the risk is with the product owners. If at anytime during the 60 day period you are not satisfied or want your money back for any reason at all, just request a refund. This is truly a win-win situation.


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