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WP Plugin FIXES 7 Biggest Affiliate COMMISSION LEAKS

Hey Fellow Affiliate…

Welcome to my WP Link Shield Review

Pay Attention If You Market  on JVZoo, Clickbank, Amazon or ANY Other Affiliate Network…

Did You Know That You Could Be Losing 10-30% of YOUR Affiliate Commissions Due To Poor Link Cloaking?


WP Link Shield links never expose the raw sales page link or the raw affiliate link.

If you’ve been selling affiliate products for any length of time you’re probably using some type of link cloaker/shortener to mask ugly affiliate link.

Maybe you use a free service like Bit.ly, Tinyurl Pretty Link Lite or Goo.gl to cloak your links. While these free services do a good job of shortening links, they also are widely regarded as spam links to an increasing number of web surfers.

The other big problem with the free services is that you link is no longer cloaked once a potential customer arrives at the sales page. What they see in the browser is that ugly affiliate link. And, did you know that alot of the free link cloakers trigger a spam alert in many of the popular email services like Aweber or GetResponse?

Manually cloaking links… what a time waster!

One way around this is to code your own links using PHP or HTML Redirects. I used to do that but it was time consuming coding each link; especially if your split testing you links (which you should be) to see where your sales are coming from.

In fact, Dave Guindon had a great tool for doing just that. It worked great back in the days when all the big affiliate launches were through Clickbank. But again, it was tedious manually cloaking every link.

For years now I’ve been using paid WP plugins to cloak my links. My go to plugin has been MBP Ninja Affiliate. It totally masks the link (when someone clicks my affiliate link and arrives at the sales page, they see my domain url + productname or a  keyword that I choose).

In addition, it’s easy to set up campaigns, sub-campaigns, etc. and track all of your links. Plus the plugin automatically converts keywords on my blog into money-making affiliate links.

Great Right? So I thought…

The truth is, as good as MBP Ninja Affiliate is… it’s pales in comparison to WP Link Shield.

This is really a no brainer…

  1. If you market affiliate products, you need to cloak your links… right?
  2. We’ve demonstrated that free link cloakers like Bit.ly, TinyURL, Goo.gle, and Pretty Link Lite don’t work!
  3. None of the other paid link cloakers combine the features and benefits of WP Link Shield…
  4. The savings alone from “leaked commissions” more than pays for the plugin.

Your Decision To Take Advantage of This Limited Time WP Link Shield Offer Seems Obvious!

WP Link Shield - Plug The Leak In Your Wallet

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