WP Lead Gorilla WordPress Plugin Review

WP Lead Gorilla Update – Something new…

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WP Lead Gorilla was the first WordPress plugin created in collectiveray to give “average” online marketers the ability to create visually stunning squeeze pages – like those being used by Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and other big name super affiliates.

Before Lead Gorilla most marketers were using this older style squeeze page

old sytle squeeze page

Old Style Squeeze Page

… Now anyone could create more engaging, higher converting lead capture pages like the one below! You didn’t have to know and code or higher an expensive developer. WP Lead Gorilla was a cheap & effective tool.


Ryan Deiss Squeeze Page

If you’re wondering if all this made a difference, check out the landing page used by the White House… what do you think?


As with most competitive markets, other marketers soon developed products that took the basic functions of WP Lead Gorilla to the next level like WP Lead Rocket by Derek Pierce & Anthony Aires. During this same period, the WP Lead Gorilla website was sold and that was the beginning of the end of real support for the plugin.

It’s also when I began using WP Lead Rocket Pro as my primary Squeeze Page software.

WP Lead Rocket is in fact a more user friendly alternative and offers more features. Recently however, I discovered an alternative which offers all of the features & benefits of WP Lead Rocket, but at half the cost – EZLead.

Concluding Thoughts

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to lead capture design and software to meet the needs of online marketers. You are only restricted by your budget. Top tiered packages like LeadPages & Click Funnels charge a monthly fee, which can be prohibitive for new marketers. Then there is InstaBuilder and Thrive Leads, both excellent software  –  but with different functionalities.

While choice is good, it can lead to information overload and then analysis paralysis. And of course there is “shiny object syndrome”!

My recommendation is to learn the basics and master the skills of opt-in list building first. Focus on building your list by creating simple, high converting landing pages. This includes A/B testing to see which landing pages perform best. Once you have mastered the  fundamentals  and your list building efforts have achieved some velocity, then bridge out to more advanced techniques and software.

And for those reasons, EZLead is an excellent choice. You can view the demo of EZLead here!

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