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In this article, I will give you 5 simple but powerful ways for how to rank YouTube videos.

The power of YouTube is unquestionable. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is owned by Google. This alone is the best reason for SEO YouTube and get higher video rankings.

Video as a medium is extremely powerful:

  • Video is Interactive/Personal
  • Video is perfect for Product Demonstrations
  • It is also great for Social Proof
  • With video, your audience can see and hear you
  • Video is more Believable/Personality Driven

But if you cannot rank your videos, the likelihood of your videos being viewed is greatly diminished.

YouTube Channel Optimization

Optimizing your YouTube channel is a powerful way to get ranked on the first page of Google for your videos. However, this step is often overlooked by most marketers. Channel optimization is easy to do if you know what you’re doing.  I’ll share with you just 5 channel optimization tips.

  1. Log into your YouTube account and go to “Channel Upload Defaults
  2. Set Privacy to “Public”
  3. Set Category to “How To & Style”
  4. Set your country & keywords in quotes. Tick the advertisements box (only if you want to earn with YouTube) and link your account to your AdSense account.
  5. Add your Google Analytics account ID. If you do not have a Google Analytics account, sign up for free here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008015?hl=en

SEO YouTube Videos

The next step is to optimize your video, both before you upload it and once it has been published on YouTube.

  1. Include your keywords/keyword phrase in the name of the video file you are uploading.
  2. Include your keyword/keyword phrase in the Title of the video.
  3. Copy and paste your title into the first line of the description.
  4. Add the raw hyperlink to your website or landing page you want viewers to visit through your call to action.
  5. Add a description (at least 300 words) that includes your keyword/keyword phrase. Include “how to” in the description. i.e. “I will show you how to “xyz”.
  6. Add links to your website, social media, and relevant landing pages at the end of the video.
  7. Add tags (5-7) keyword and relevant terms related to your video.

how to rank YouTube videos


Believe it or not, backlinks are still a powerful way to boost the ranking of your YouTube video. Use social media, Web 2.0, PBN and other links from high PR sites. You can even purchase back-linking packages on Fiverr.com to accomplish this.

Another powerful technique for backlinks is to syndicate your video to top video sharing sites with a backlink to your YouTube Video.

Social Media Sharing

A part of Google algorithm measure social shares. So, share your YouTube video on your own Social Media sites to get more views. Link your YouTube channel to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ accounts. Whenever you upload a video, click the share button and drive targeted visitors to view your video.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an extremely powerful way to get both higher rankings and more views to your videos. Again, this is a simple step that most marketers fail to do and ultimately it costs them in ranking. Using RSS is simple, but YouTube has made it difficult to get your YouTube Channel RSS feed. No worries, I’ll show you how to do it in a few simple steps.

YouTube has deprecated the old RSS feed configuration. The new YouTube RSS feed looks like this:

Your Channel Feed: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=YOURCHANNELID%22

The above is simple but power optimization techniques that most video marketers are not using. Following the steps above, you will easily outrank your competition on YouTube.

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