Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets Review

the illusive magic bullet

7 Steps to Super Affiliate Ninja Commissions

There are no “Magic Bullets” in Affiliate Marketing, but… this comes close!

If the idea of promoting other people’s stuff, using other people’s web sites, sales materials, proven emails, subscribers and even TRAFFIC, sounds like something that interests you, then I highly recommend you check out Jason Mangrum’s new book, “Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets!

Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets is a newbie friendly, fast paced read packed with easy to follow and implement actionable steps that if followed will guarantee you success in affiliate marketing.

Jason outlines his 7 Steps to Super Affiliate Ninja Commissions so clearly and precisely that unless you’re a window licking retard who can’t find your ass with a flashlight – you’ll make money using his strategy.

According to Jason, making money online requires only 3 things:

  1. A high-converting offer that is already making sales
  2. An audience interested in that offer; and
  3. A method to connect the audience with the offer!

Inside you’ll learn how to do all three, plus build a high converting list while making sales almost instantly!

Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets

You Don’t Even Need A Website To Make This Work

That’s right! Even if you do not have a website, Super Ninja Affiliate Secrets will work for you.

You will have to do some work and there is a modest investment to kick-start the process (under $100). If you’re not afraid of putting in some time, as little as 48 hours and investing in your business – the battle is half won.

SNA is not about creating elaborate sales funnels or having to overcome the steep learning curve to use the latest make money software. This is a system that is directed at affiliate marketing newbies who can’t seem to profit online and established affiliate marketers who want a proven system that will finally deliver the goods when it comes to turning their hard work into cold hard cash.

What you’ll find in these pages is a 100% zero-fluff-and-filler approach to showing you EXACTLY how to make money from scratch in 48 hours.


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Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets teaches a system that super easy for new marketers to implement. And, if followed will nearly guarantee to build a list and generate affiliate commissions. All of this can be achieved with very little effort and a modest budget for purchasing solo ads.


You’ll be hard pressed to build a sustainable business using this method.

Jason does not really deliver “Ninja Secrets” as promised in the sales copy for those of us who have been around affiliate marketing for a while. The technique Jason teaches is not really new; albeit there are a couple of twists.

If you are not careful, this method will ultimately result in church & burn, especially for marketers who do not know how to develop relationships with their lists or who do not have a solid sales funnel in place. I’ve added a bonus that solves this problem below.

However, Jason is offering over 3 Bonuses worth over $297 that teach you how to build a long term online marketing business. But, these are for fast action takers and there is no guarantee they’ll be available later.

My Bonus

extreme list building system

In this no-fluff, straight-to-the point training, you will discover the exact action steps you need to start taking right now to add 100 new subscribers to your list every day!

What you’re getting is a  proven sales funnel that you can set up today and be making money by tomorrow!

  • You get my squeeze page that converts at 52.4%
  • You get my list-building report to give away (I’ll even let you add your affiliate links!)
  • You get the high-converting, 100% commission offer that I’m promoting
  • You get the followup sequence I’m using to build trust and make more sales
  • You get the exact traffic sources I’m using to drive hundreds of leads to my sales funnel and make money on autopilot…


Here’s Your Three Steps To Claiming Your Bonus.

1. Check Out Affiliate Super Ninja Secrets
Click “Yes! Let Me In” and check out the sales page Affiliate Super Ninja Secrets. You’ll find lots of testimonials, income proof and full details about Jason’s system.
2. Take Action Fast
Remember that this will start off as a dimesale offer and the price will increase FAST. Note, my bonus is available for the limited time so take action now.
3. Claim Your Bonus
After purchase send me an email at bc6259[at]gmail.com. Your bonus will be delivered with in 24 hours.

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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