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The Importance of Social Signals In SEO


Just because Facebook and Twitter aren’t driving you a ton of sales doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage them. Why Because both Google and Bing use data from social sites in order to determine how high to rank your website. See How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Google stated that a search change from earlier this month was not related to Panda. Could that mean social signals from Facebook and Twitter are ranking factors.… See Has Google Turned up Social Signals as a Ranking Factor


How To Get Loads of Social Followers With Social Media Exchanges!

Part of the challenge with sharing your content socially is not having any or enough followers. There are many ways to build social following; including buying them on websites like Fiverr.com.

Another way to to utilize social media exchange sites where you can get more followers for free. The concept is very similar to Traffic Exchange sites where you earn credits for sharing other peoples sites and in turn you can use the credits you earn to have folks follow, like or share your site on social platforms.

The investment in this strategy is time –  but, not a lot of time.

For example… let’s say you’ve create a new Facebook page for an affiliate product or some other niche product. Getting people to follow and like that page can be challenging and very time consuming as you have to convince or entice them to go to the page and click the like button.

However, using a site such as like4like.org, you could generate 50 likes in a few days with just 15 minutes of work a day.

Regardless of how you choose to build your social following, this is another alternative that you can test out for yourself that won’t cost you a dime.

Here is ther list of top social media exchange sites where you can get more followers.

1. http://addmefast.com/
Alexa Global Traffic Rank 638
Google PageRank 3

2. http://www.like4like.org/
Alexa Global Traffic Rank 3,132
Google PageRank 2

3. http://www.linkcollider.com/
Alexa Global Traffic Rank 6,125
Google PageRank 3

4. http://www.youlikehits.com/
Alexa Global Traffic Rank 7,505
Google PageRank 4

5. http://likesasap.com/
Alexa Global Traffic Rank 12,478
Google PageRank 2

6. http://like-ex.com/
Alexa Global Traffic Rank 13,259
Google PageRank 3

7. http://www.followlike.net/
Alexa Global Traffic Rank 31,092
Google PageRank 2


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