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Rank Builder Pays For Itself

One of the real challenges to marketers considering purchasing the new Rank Builder 2.0 from Alex Goad is the recurring $67 monthly charge.

Why Pay A $67 Monthly Subscription?

Updates! Things are changing constantly on the Internet, especially with Google. Also, the various Web 2.0 properties sometimes make changes to their registration pages, etc. Sometimes sites go out of business as was the case with Vox.

In order to ensure that the software performs optimally whenever you use it, Rank Builder is constantly monitored by creators Alex Goad and Mualana and their staff. Since I originally became a subscriber the software has been updated probably 4-5 times and aside from an occasional bug, performs flawlessly.

In this article I will share with you how you can use Rank Builder to create a funded proposal. Using a  funded proposal Rank Builder will pay for itself.

Rank Builder Funded Proposal

In essence a funded proposal is a type of marketing plan that you set up to fund an aspect of your online business. You create a campaign targeting a specific dollar amount and then use those funds to finance an aspect of your online business.

For example, I create funded proposals to pay my:

  • Auto-Responder fees
  • Web hosting fees
  • Monthly domain costs
  • and more…

The idea is to re-invest a portion of your profits back into your business.

This is how I pay for my own subscription of Rank Builder.

Setting Up Your Rank Builder Funded Proposal

For a limited time, you can take advantage of the Rank Builder 7 Day Trial . You get full access to the software; that means all the features, benefits, etc.

So here is what you do.

  1. Choose a profitable niche. Preferably an “ever-green” niche. Examples of evergreen niches are: “weight-loss”, “credit repair”, “skin-care”, “health niches”, etc. Evergreen niches are niches that are always in demand. There are always people seeking ways to lose weight, diet, or get rid of unsightly acne.
  2. Purchase a keyword rich domain name. Once you’ve chosen your niche you will need to set-up your site (WordPress blog is perfect for this…)
  3. Find 3 products you can promote. Clickbank is the preferred method because it is the easiest way to monetize and they pay weekly. You can also monetize with CPA offers through Commission Junction, Neverblue Ads, etc.
  4. Create a WordPress Blog. Write 2-3 original content, unique articles related to the products you’ve selected. Make sure you SEO your articles. There are plenty of plugins that will facilitate your SEO.  These articles will be indexed by Google and the other search engines. Getting the site indexed quickly is the first order of business.
  5. Purchase Rank Builder 7 Day Trial.

Maximizing The Process

  • Make sure you read through the Rank Builder manual completely. (You’ll probably need to read it a couple of times, but it’s important.)
  • Watch the training videos to familiarize yourself with the program.
  • Follow the instructions and create your first campaign.
  • Here is the most important part. Use the system each day for the first 7 days! You want to exploit the power of rank builder to get top rankings in Google for you “buying” keywords. Believe me, it’s not hard to do using the software.
  • Your objective is to make 2-3 sales as fast as possible.

If you’re marketing a $47.00 e-Book for example at a 60% commission – your payout will be $28.00.

To cover the monthly subscription for Rank Builder you will need to make at least 3 sales (3x$28=84).   This is certainly achievable in 30 days and then you simply use the software to increase your SERP (you want to rank in the top 3 positions – those three positions get the majority of the FREE traffic.)

Remember,  your profits from this campaign are to be used specifically to pay for your monthly subscription to Rank Builder.

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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