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Eric Rockefeller is now ready for his next launch: Quick Cash Concept, on August 12th. I’ll do my best to get a review copy before launch date and write my thoughts about this product. As of now, all I can tell is that the Quick Cash Concept product comes in the form of an ebook and a video training package.


Quick Cash Concept – Display Ad Profits

Quick Cash Concept is the realization of years of promoting and just this past year using major brand spanking new targeted traffic choices and old ones in distinctive ways to bring low-cost clicks again like the good old days of Google.

You see, there are six reasons that most aspiring marketersfall short at online marketing…

1. They don’t know how to choose a winning offer
2. They do not have a list they can email
3. They don’t have a network of jv partners
4. Money is tight
5. They don’t get low-cost, targeted site visitors
6. They do not even have their own website (not technical)

Don’t worry, if this is you, it’s not your fault.

You just have not been introduced to a proven money system that is as STUPIDLY SIMPLE as this one…

Earning cash on the internet is all about Traffic x Conversions = CASH

But you’ve probably have had trouble driving consistently cheap targeted traffic to your sales pages, right?

This is where Quick Cash Concepts will help you… I’m talking about making use of little know hidden spots to get quick targeted traffic easily (and lots of it!)

These are spots that love affiliates, have little competition and you do not need your own website.

How about tapping into a pool of 400 million customers worldwide? (this is only a sample of these secret spots)

Eric Rockefeller’s Quick Cash Concept

Eric refers to this as his 4 Pillar Strategy…

Google Display Networks (Image Ads Only)
Facebook Ads (400 Million Prospects)
Plenty of Fish (Online Dating Site)
My Ads (Fox Audience Network)

You’ll learn how to capitalize on of Display Advertising that is directed at internet traffic by demographics, not keywords!

Super Affiliate Traffic Secrets Exposed

It’s long been a super affiliate secret to grab inexpensive site traffic on display networks with image ads that target an offer’s demographics instead of going after the same dull “overpriced” keywords every other affiliate is competing for with PPC or Search Engine.

You will also learn…

  • How to use the 3 prong attack, and multiply your profits with little work…
  • Which headlines, images and emotional triggers will (quickly) hypnotize your readers.
  • How to master display advertising, set, forget, and lay back and enjoy autopilot profits.
  • How to get vast amounts of clicks for just pennies.
  • How you can literally be paid to build a enormous email list that you can command push button profits with, any time … from anywhere!
  • How to track the massive profits you’ll be pulling in with very simple to understand totally free software.
  • How to spy and swipe the competition’s winning ads and campaigns with ease.
  • How you can pull off mini launches with no partners that result in quick cash windfalls
  • Simple technology that makes an approval 20 times faster, and saves you tons of time.


New Markets: The most competitive part of the course is the MyAds and Plenty of Fish Network which most Affiliate Marketers are not using. You get tips & tricks for maximizing this traffic source.

Cheap Traffic: Eric exposes how you can get cheap, targeted traffic by following his system. You will be paying at average $0.05 per visitor. Can you ask for more than that?

Billions of Prospects: Facebook, Plenty of Fish, MyAds has a total of about 1 Billion hungry prospects waiting for you. And Google content network is a huge part of the Internet. Just imagine if you could get only a small fraction of that pie.

The traffic and prospects are there! Now you have the right system to capture them…

Tried and Tested: This system was tested out by Eric himself and he is earning $783 a day and he provides absolute proof of earning on the main site.

Hands-Free System: Once you set up the system, you just have to monitor your daily spending and that is all. Yes, this is truly a set-it-and-forget-it system. Go ahead and try it, you will not be disappointed.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee: There is NO RISK. All the risk is with the product owner. If at anytime during the 60 day period you are not satisfied for any reason at all, you can simply request a refund. Since this a offered through ClickBank there is an absolutely NO HASSLE REFUND PROCESS. This is truly a win-win situation.


Extraordinary Claims: Eric claims that he is making $783 a day from this system. This might not be possible if you are just starting.

The Is A Learning Curve: Since the information that is mentioned in the course is AWESOME, you will be tempted to watch all the videos at one time.

Don’t Do It! Take your time and make notes when you watch the video. Review your notes once you’ve completed the videos and then implement the system.

You can expect to earn back your investment many times over within a week.

Will Require Some Additional Investment: Since the entire system is based on putting ads on Facebook, MyAds, Plenty of Fish and Google content network, you will need to investment in ad placement.


After purchasing and testing testing Quick Cash Concept for myself my conclusions is very simple. Quick Cash Concept by Eric Rockefeller is worth the investment especially if you are struggling with getting highly targeted, cheap TRAFFIC!

Once you implement the system, you will begin earning profits online in no time using small image ads.

Only PURCHASE if you are serious about getting traffic and making money online. There is NO RISK… You have nothing to lose, Quick Cash Concept is backed by Clickbanks 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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1. How To Use Facebook For Business… ($37 Value)  Discover tips and tricks on using Facebook to market your business and drive more inbound traffic and leads!

2. Facebook Marketing For Real Dummy’s… ($197 Value) 24 Video Tutorials walks you step-by-step through all the basics of FB, from setting up accounts, using fan pages, groups, etc. and does it all in easy to understand steps; one bite at a time! You will be prepared to start marketing with FB, even if you are an absolute newbie. I highly recommend this if you want to know how Facebook works and how you can tap into this cash cow.

3. Paulie Ciarra’s High PR, Do-follow Backlink Guides… ($77 Value) Every Monday, a new, fully-illustrated package of fresh high Page Rank, Do-Follow backlinks is published and delivered directly to your inbox!

As you know, high PR backlinks give you the raw power to get anything you want to get to the top of Google. 100% of these backlinks are PR 5 and above.

4. Million Dollar Web Copy… ($47 Value) Forget the numerous “no selling required” ads you have come across online because that is pure B.S. statement. The reason is simple: the truth is that if you do not know how to sell or HATE selling, you cannot make money. Period.

5. 22 Immutable Laws of Branding… ($197 Value) What this book will help you do is apply brand thinking or the branding process to your business. In other words, to turn water into Evian, or yourself into the next Bill Gates. If your want to be a powerful player on the Internet,then you need to study both the Internet itself and the laws of branding. 257 pages

6. War… “Explosional Marketing” ($47 Value)How To Get Targeted Traffic For FREE! How to pump continual streams of free traffic to your sites for and skyrocket your monthly income. This IS NOT Article Marketing!

7. Short Report Profits… ($47 Value) “How To Create A Short Report In
Under An Hour & Market It Using A Systematic Process To Create An
Insane Passive Income Online”

8. Yahoo Answers Cash Culprit… ($47 Value) Many people underestimate the power of yahoo answers and so did I, but then who doesn’t like instant cash just by writing a few lines of text rather than writing paragraph after paragraph of articles. If you’re anything like me then yahoo answers will prove to be very successful for you. It is literally as easy as ABC and even the black hat twist (separated at the end) I put on this will have you on the edge of your seat.

9. Niche Formula… ($67 Value) You are about to discover the secret to success on the
Web. Now is the time to change your life forever, and it all begins with discovering hidden niches. What is the secret to Internet Success?

The secret to “Internet Success” is finding the right niche, and then learning how to dominate your market. Not just sell well, not just make a few extra bucks. The secret is making heaps of money, an incredible profit… the kind of money that will set you up for life simply and

10. Nine Internet Marketing Software Programs… ($97 Value)Includes keyword, link, blog, forum, and cloaking tools. You can sell all of this software or give them away for free.

11. 76 Instant Traffic Sources. ($97 Value) Revealed by Kim Roach herself. Kim is renown as a Traffic Generation expert and you get her top 76 Traffic Sources absolutely free!

12. Mark Ling Webinar… ($197 Value) How To Get Massive Amounts Of Cheap Traffic On Adwords And How To Turn That Traffic Into Cash [90 minute webinar] Every wonder why many people fail to make a single dime online while others are able to pull in 6 figures a month without blinking an eye? Often the biggest reason is that the people making it big have one thing that the rest don’t. Traffic. 7 Figure Pay-Per-Click marketer Joel Peterson reveals his secrets to PPC Domination.

These bonuses are from my “Private Vault” and are some of the best Internet Products ever created. Only 50 Are Available.

To Claim Your Bonuses, Follow These Steps!

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STEP 4 – Follow the instructions in the email.

And again, my Quick Cash Concept Bonus package is available for the next 50 people.

Don’t let indecision cost you!

To Your Success!

P.S. Quick Cash Concepts will not last! Only 500 copies will be made available. Don”t delay, click the link below now!


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