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Instant WordPress SEO

Push Button SEO is a fast and efficient way to perform on-page SEO for more higher Google rankings and increased traffic.

The creator of this WordPress plugin is Brian G. Johnson, a well known and respected affiliate marketer and SEO expert at sirlinksalot.co.

Brian G. JohnsonI first became aware of Brian through affiliate marketing. I would constantly run up against his sites during product launches. His success as an affiliate was based on the mastering of search engine optimization (SEO). Brian managed to create scores of niche websites and rank them at the top of Google. This of course helped him to generate floods of free traffic and subsequently tons of money.

Over time, I’ve purchased several of Brian’s products including: Commission Ritual, Auto Content Cash, Rank and Pillage and Kindle Ritual and yes Push Button SEO.

Ranking your WordPress site on the first page of Google is essential, especially is you want to get targeted organic (free) traffic.

On-Page SEO is a major factor in getting top rankings in Google.

What is On-Page SEO? Check this article over at SEO Moz to learn more.

The Push Button SEO plugin makes performing this task quick and easy.

I have been using the plugin on my blogs since Brian first released it and yes, it does work.

Below is a short video that covers the features and benefits of this SEO plugin.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Effort


 Push Button SEO Benefits

What I particularly love about this plugin is the “Optimizer” feature. All you have to do is enter your primary keyword and click the Analyze button.


In just a few seconds, the software will analyze your post or page and produce a rating and an on-page SEO report – all within WordPress.


There are 3 versions of the plugin…


I recommend the 50 domain license, unless of course you plan on using the plugin on client sites or you flip sites.

Every license includes the FULL VERSION of the plugin with COMPLETE functionality. Nothing is locked out or limited. Simply pick the license that covers the number of sites you want to use the plugin on. Developer licenses allow you to use the plugin on client web sites or with sites you flip, and if you want to improve your website, you can use a SEO Friendly Website Design service which is great for this purpose.

More than an optimization plugin, Push Button SEO systematizes content creation, keywords and ensures your content is optimized for the search engines and your soon to be site visitors. You can learn more about Push Button SEO here,  and if you want to learn more about SEO read the article here to find more information about this.

Whichever license you purchase, you will find that Push Button SEO delivers.

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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