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P1 Targeting App Keyword Research Tool

Before I being my review of P1 Targeting App I want to address the question that’s probably at the forefront of your mind.

You’re probably saying to yourself, with all the free tools available, why should I pay for a Keyword Tool. The answer is simple… you cannot do the same job with the free tools that you can do with paid ones. Free tools can give you a rough guide and give a quick indication as to whether a hunch is worth further research. But, if you are serious about succeeding online, most of the time free tools are not effective enough. How to get HIDDEN traffic keywords directly from your competition.

Why Keyword Research?

According to Jay Stockwell of KeywordWorkshop.com, “Keyword Research describes the practice of looking at what users are searching for and how they search for it on the Internet. More specifically, Keyword Research helps us understand the types of things people are trying to find, as well as words they’re using. Using Keyword Research you can discover if “techniques turntables” are more popular than “numark turntables” or if people prefer to use the word “turntable” or “decks” or “wheels of steel” when they are searching for these record players. For  SEO related information, find out the answers in this article by Local Client Takeover

The really cool thing about Keyword Research is that we can go beyond the basics with this information and use measures that help us find out if we should be trying to sell turntables at all. We can see how much competition we may be up against and decide if in fact we should be targeting small markets such as turntable “slip mats” instead.

So we may find ourselves a popular little niche market that has little competition – a little niche in which it will be easier for our website to be seen among the “noise” of all the other websites.” How to spot LUCRATIVE buyers traffic keywords within a few minutes?

Jay Stockwell’s background includes designing SEO methodology, search engine reverse engineering software, web hosting comparison software and client relationship managers is considered an authority when it comes to Keyword Research and in the above statement he defines what Keyword Research is about perfectly.

In his 153 page report, Keyword Research Tools, he devotes 22 chapters to the topic with exhaustive detail.

Most pertinent to the review of P1 Targeting App is his chapter devoted to Why Pay For Keyword Tools.

3 Reasons Why A Keyword Research Tool Is A Must Have

  1. Keyword Research is the foundation to any successful online marketing effort. if you do no know exactly what people want, how are you going to know what to sell them? Why guess when you can know?
  2. The Internet has evolved and will continue to do so. Successful marketers develop systems and strategies to save time with Keyword Research. Even if you’re not, your competitors are. You need to outpace them to understand how the market is changing and how to tap into new markets.
  3. Free tools are often limited to basic information. Many only provide a subset of data or inaccurate data. The real gold is often buried in the depths of keyword databases for which you can only gain access with paid tools. (Examples: SEMRush, SpyFu).

P1 Targeting App Gets Your 1,000s of Keyword Ideas With A Single Click

What if you could turn a few keyword ideas into thousands of key words with a single click? And what if you could spy on the number one competitor and steal all the key words he’s ranking for on Google? And what if you could quickly identify the most lucrative and easy-to-rank keywords from thousands you just generated? What if you could turn a few keyword ideas into thousands of key words with a single click? And what if you could spy on the number one competitor and steal all the key words he’s ranking for on Google? And what if you could quickly identify the most lucrative and easy-to-rank keywords from thousands you just generated?

Now you can … And let me show you what makes it all possible…

All Keyword Tools Are Not The Same

First it is important to understand that. Different keyword tools are used for different reasons; depending on your objective.

Users of Keyword Research Tools break-down in to four categories.

    1. Search Engine Optimizers perform research to refine words they should focus on to get higher SERPs. They want to rank their pages higher in organic search results for free traffic typically.
    2. Niche Miners are trying to find products that have a good demand but are not well catered for. The want to sort through large numbers of keywords to locate these kinds of opportunities. Once they have identified an opportunity they either get a product or products of their own to sell or promote products as an affiliate.
    3. Pay Per Click Advertisers are looking for cheap keyword to bid on to send low cost traffic to their websites. They are searching for overlooked, but relevant keyword to bid on using PPC platforms, i.e Google Adwords or BING Advertising.
    4. AdSense Publishers are the flip-side of PPC Advertisers. They are looking for expensive keywords. Their goal is to find topics that are paying the highest amounts.These amounts are determined by what people are willing to pay on Google Adwords.

The takeaway is simple, depending on what your goals are when it comes to marketing online, the type of keyword tool you use matters – that is if you want to gather the best and most relevant keyword data for your business.

P1 Targeting App is the perfect tool as it out-performs competition in all of the above segments.

How does P1 Targeting App Compare to Other Top Keyword Tools?

  • Unlike downloadable keyword tools (such as Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai), the P1 Targeting App runs in the CLOUD with a HUGE processing power.
  • It always works on FULL SPEED, regardless of your Internet connection + it will never expose or block your IP address, like downloadable keyword tools do.

Can P1 Targeting App Perform Competition Analysis?

  • Yes! Just select the keyword, click the ‘Spy Competition’ action button… and generate hundreds or even thousands of unique keywords that your competitor is ALREADY ranking for.

What About Search Volume, Costs Per Click & Profitability Score

  • automatically generate search volume and costs per click… (those are the basic metrics to get started with your keyword selection) …but it will also calculate and display a PROFITABILITY SCORE for every single keyword.
  • Profitability Score gives you an instant comparison so you can FOCUS on the most commercially viable keywords right from the start.

Plus Your Get… Quick Competition Assessment For TOP 10 Results In Google

  • Get a TOP 10 competition assessment for any keyword is just three easy clicks away: helps you to eliminate impossible to rank keywords, so you don’t waste time and money with your SEO actions.

State-Of-Art Keyword Filtering System

  • virtually UNLIMITED filtering combinations… starting from numeral data (search volume, cpc, competition, market size, WORD count etc.)… up to content in NOTES and complete keyword RELEVANCY search.

And much more…

P1 Targeting App does what all the top Keyword Research Tools can do and lots more… and for a limited time, you can purchase the Enterprise Version for a fraction of what you’d pay for similar, but not as powerful tools. Most start at $67 and have monthly fees.

Click below…



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