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P1 Profits Case Study

P1 Profits Case Study by Joshua Zamora


Apart from logo design services, there are some training courses that walk you through a proven process that leads to results and P1 Profits is one of them (see lowest price).

P1 Profits teaches you SEO techniques for how to rank niche sites to “Launch Jack” high ticket affiliate products.

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Many of the so-called SEO’s claim that SEO is finally dead and that creating niche sites is a waste of time. But is this really true?

No… Google is still a marketers best friend when it comes to free traffic and free profits. And, with top rankings, Launch Jacking is a proven way to generate serious profits for free.

No doubt, using old methods to get top ranking is Google doesn’t work anymore, at least not like they used to, but achieving P1 ranking for your niche sites is still possible if you know how.

The fact is Google is still the most powerful free source of traffic, but with constant changes to the algorithm, knowing how to get top rankings is essential to your success.

P1 Profits consists of step-by-step video training, detailing the process used by Joshua Zamora and his partner Anthony Mancuso and how their system generated 1,156.80 in a 48 hour period.

This does not mean you’ll get the same results, but you could.

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Why a Case Study?

According to Universal Class, most company or organization case studies are done for business purposes. In fact, in many business schools, such as Harvard Business School, students learn by the case method, which is the study of case studies. They learn how to solve business problems by studying the cases of businesses that either survived the same problem or ones that didn’t survive the problem.

Advantages of a Case Study

One of the advantages of a case study is that it can contradict established ideas of theories. In this case, the idea that SEO is DEAD, or that Niche Marketing no longer works.

Disadvantages of a Case Study

A primary disadvantage of case studies can be the inability to replicate. This is often the case in the Internet Marketing space. So-called gurus sell programs that tout result that very few people can achieve.

Fortunately, to date, the software and training materials I have purchased from Joshua Zamora have been easy to follow and have produced results when implemented.

P1 Profits 7 Training Modules…

  1. Finding Products to Promote
  2. The Setup
  3. 3 Types of Domains to Use
  4. Building Your Site
  5. On Page SEO
  6. Off Page SEO
  7. Crafting Your Bonus

If you struggle with SEO to get first page Google rankings or to generate affiliate commissions with your Niche Sites, P1 Profits will give you the edge you need to get real results in 2018.

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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