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One Minute Commissions
One Minute Commissions Review

One Minute Commissions is the latest product release from “Super Affiliate” Mike Auton. His other products include: Mass Income Machines, Commission hi-jack and Quick Click Commissions, all top Clickbank releases.

Unfortunately, this one gets a “thumbs down” from me.

Perhaps like me, you’ve received a bunch of emails promoting this product.

Maybe this looks familiar…

one minute commissions

Clicking the link sends you to a video sales page featuring some kid who of course never made any real money online ($20 bucks in 15 months) until he discovered One Minute Commissions.

Then, yes a cute chick, proceeds to show you a “live” video of her refreshing her new Clickbank account as the commissions begin to roll in over the course of one day, two days, a week, etc.

Her stated goal is to generate $10,000 commission from Clickbank  in one day! Ambitious right? Yup… magically, using the One Minute Commission system, she was able to surpass the $10K – and earned over $16,000 in just one 24 hour period.

one minute commissions earning screenshot

 What Is One Minute Commissions?

1 Minute Commissions is a YouTube marketing and YouTube software system.

Marketing  on YouTube is a proven method for driving traffic, building backlinks, and profiting online. However, after testing the One Minute Commissions system I am not confident that the premise behind the system is sound.

The technique taught here is to create simple YouTube videos with your cloaked affiliate link in an optimized description.

The system is driven by attrition. The more videos you create and upload, the greater the potential you have to earn commissions.

The numbers are shown in the video don’t jibe. Let’s say the average Clickbank Sale is $50. To generate $10,000 in a day means you would have to generate  200 sales a day.

If the average conversion rate is 2% that means you will need, 10,000 click-throughs.

These are not videos that will go viral. So the idea of “one-minute-commissions is totally remote.

One Minute Commissions Software

The software, a video creation tool called “Accelero” automatically creates videos for your campaigns. What it does specifically is:

  1. Adds an image (only one image).
  2. Adds background music track to your video.
  3. Automatically creates video Title.
  4. Automatically creates optimized description.
  5. Creates a cloaked affiliate link.

These are very simple 21 second long videos. You would need hundreds of videos to generate the amount of income shown.

One Minute Commissions Upsells

There are also 2 up-sells – Platinum Members and Diamond Members.

Platinum members get access to additional training and two software packages.

  •  QuadLink Xtreme a link-building software (back-links are essential to get YouTube videos ranked on Page 1)
  • Mass Submission Software. This software submits your videos to various other video sites.

The Diamond Membership provides training on Clickbank and Amazon Review Sites with automated content and advanced instruction on how to drive traffic from Wikipedia.

There are a series of short video tutorials that cover each aspect of creating your campaigns.

Final Thoughts About One Minute Commissions

Will this product live up to its claims? I seriously doubt it. This is not the first system to promise easy commissions using YouTube videos. A few months ago Paul Ponna introduced Profit Monarch (no longer available) and then there was 1 ClickCashBot. Both were software programs that essentially performed the same function as One Minute Commissions “Accelero” software. Both products are not off the market.

In my opinion, save your $46, which is the cost of the basic system.

You can create better quality videos using a free service like Animoto. As far as creating backlinks, I prefer to invest in software that generates backlinks to any of my web properties and not just video.

Finally, TubeMogul’s new service OneLoad is free and will distribute your videos to multiple video sites.

And there are plenty of courses available (both free and paid) that teach video marketing and YouTube SEO.

Click here to for FREE video marketing ebook.





Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.


  1. I bought the software last Thursday 4/12/12. I was very excited, couldn’t wait to start. When I got to the download your video from this link, it gave me an error message. I clicked on the next thing and got another error message. I sent support numerous emails since thursday and they finally respond Monday with an apology. Then they send me another email on Tuesday with instructions, like I must not have understood the instructions on the site. I continued sending emails and they continued to ignore me, but made sure to invite to a webinar where they were selling another software. I am so fustrated right now. I would have been happy making $500.00 weekly after a month or so. I want to put the word out all over the internet so people don’t waste their time.

  2. Dont waste your time on one minute commisions. THEIR SOFTWARE DOESN’T WORK, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TECH SUPPORT SUCKS.

  3. I got one better. I did pay for the item but never received it. That’s right. I paid my $46.00 and never, ever received a link to receive my product. I emailed support several times and never received a response. I emailed Clicksure and hopefully I will get my money back. DON’T USE ONE MINUTE COMMISSIONS. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!!

  4. Happy Day ! One Minute Commissions is nothing but hype. Just like Dolly, I downloaded it too. Listened to the instructor in all the video’s twice, when I got to the
    part where you click on “down load video ” I also recieved a ‘ ERROR ‘message. !
    I emailed support, only to find out that it was an automated support system.
    Now, tell me, is that professional ? Is that any way to treat people who are honestly
    trying to make some extra money.
    It’s a real shame that this continues to happen. It took 4 requests and 10 days,
    until I finally recieved a refund. Oh ! well, lesson learned !!!!


    • Hey Vincent, thanks for the comment. There are a lot of hyped products flooding the marketplace. If you’re serious about earning with video marketing, can I suggest Commission Assassin? You don’t need the OTO or upsells. Just follow the videos and you’ll see results.

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