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covert cash conspiracy review

This Covert Cash Conspiracy Review will provide you with an objective evaluation of the Matt Benwell’s new “how to make money online” guide without a bunch of hype.

In a perfect world you could believe every piece of marketing material you read, view or hear.

However, we do not live in a perfect world. In fact, if you are struggling to make money online, especially in the information niche, you might easily become cynical by the constant barrage of emails pitching the latest “get rich quick” scheme.

matt benwell - covert cash conspiracyMatt Benwell’s sales page for Covert Cash Conspiracy doesn’t help. I have to admit, it only raised my suspicion and my  doubts about the product.  Between the video and the Clickbank money graphics my initial thought was, this is just another scam product.

Matt is the brother of well known Blogging To The Bank creator Rob Benwell. Between the two to them, they spit our new products nearly every other month. They are living proof that the #1 most closely kept secret in the Internet Marketing Information Niche is – become a product owner. That’s where the real money is.

So I was not at all impressed with the claim that this product can teach you how to earn $100,000 per month… starting tomorrow.

That being said, I have purchased product in order to give it a fair vetting.  I’m a firm believer in owning the products I review.

Although I’ve been earning online for the past 4 years, I have to admit Covert Cash Conspiracy is well written and contains lots of  valuable tips. This is not some concept guide, but one that is chocked full of actionable information that if implemented will make you money online.

Covert Cash Conspiracy Review Nuts & Bolts

The purpose of Covert Cash Conspiracy to teach you the skills necessary to succeed online.

Before I continue, if you are an advanced Internet Marketer Covert Cash Conspiracy is not for you! Although it is comprehensive and full of actionable information, at its core it is a online marketing guide best suited for new marketers.

Let me briefly discuss what I mean by new internet marketer…

If you have been marketing online for less than 2 years and have yet to earn a sustainable monthly income, Covert Cash Conspiracy is IMHO a must have resource guide.

It teaches the fundamentals of building a lasting online business, combining essential resources (most are free) with practical know-how.

Look, it’s really simple. Online marketing is a business and should be treated as such. Like any offline business, it takes work on the part of the owner to create success. There are no magic bullets. Slick sales pitches, glitzy software and secret formulas rarely work; especially long-term.

Covert Cash Conspiracy is really about learning the Internet marketing game at its core, rolling up your sleeves and putting in some time and effort. I can guarantee you’ll see results.

When I do Internet marketing coaching,  I am constantly  surprised at the general lack of basic online marketing knowledge that most folks have, even those who have been online for a while.

I’m talking about basic skills such as:

  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Testing the Market
  • Setting up a Sales Medium
  • Getting Traffic Basic Web Copy

This is basic stuff.  It is the failure by most newbies to  master these basic building blocks that contributes to the huge 90% failure rate in online marketing.

Why Even Consider Covert Cash Conspiracy?

  • You are not making any money online
  • Past products did not deliver as promised.
  • You need a proven process that will make you money fast.

Why You Have Failed In The Past and What To Do About It Now…

  • You have not picked a winning market, one full of motivated buyers.
  • You don’t know how to test to see if your market is reachable online.
  • Not knowing #2, you don’t know how to give buyers what they really want.

What makes Covert Cash Conspiracy Different?

 Unlike the competition , CCC is not based on some hyped up software created by some secret Russian coder who just happens to reveal it by chance. The formula for creating a $100,000 monthly income is sound, but few people will ever achieve it.

It has nothing to do with Matt’s eBook. It has to do with your desire to win and your internal drive to stick at a proven process until you see results. (Matt covers this in Chapter 3 – Initial Market Testing)

 What Should You Do Next?

Click the link and purchase Covert Cash Conspiracy.  But  only buy it if you intend to follow the steps inside the guide.

  • Covert Cash Conspiracy is backed by Clickbank so there is 100% No Risk.
  • YOU want to learn how to profit online, but don’t know how!
  • How Would Your Life Change if YOU Were Earning An Extra $100 – $1000 per month online?
  • What bill(s) Could You pay off?
  • How would the extra money help YOU & YOUR family?

What ever your answer is, that is the real motivation behind building an online business.

 It is not to make money, but to be able to have a greater measure of control over your life because you have options.



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Covert Cash Conspiracy Review

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.


  1. Hi Bob,

    After seeing the sales page for Convert Cash Conspiracy I was quite keen but because I’ve been bitten so many times I decided to look at the reviews and found yours.
    Your reviews are extremely good and honest. Not many reviewers actually purchase and test the product..
    My problem with most the systems Ive tried is that they dont tell you what you will be doing and that there are extra cost involved, they say you dont need a website, a product, a list etc. then you purchase the product only to find there are add ons or upgrades you have to buy or you that you have to have a domain name, a web site and hosting etc. etc.

    So would Cash Cash Conspiracy work for someone who has none of these.

    Your help would be sincerely appreciated


    • Hello Dennis… thanks for your comment!

      Regarding Covert Cash Conspiracy, it is a great product for new Online Marketers because it teaches fundamental skills. I’ve been doing this for a while and earn a decent income each month; but earning online takes commitment and work. I have an external HD with nothing but eBooks, tutorials an software accumulated over the years. I can tell you, there are no “magic” bullets. Few of the 1-2-3 click programs produce lasting results. They are designed that way in order to compel buyers to purchase the upgrade.

      However, no system -even the best ones- will work without dedication and time. There is a “steep” learning curve involved in online marketing. The only way to master the tactics & strategies is to practice your craft. Once you find out what works, scale up the process. If you’re serious about succeeding online, drop me a line through my contact page and we can discuss where you are in your business and what products will best help you.

  2. This is a good tip especially to those fresh
    to the blogosphere. Short but very precise information? Thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read article!

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