Mass Profit Sites Review

Mass Profit Sites – Buy or Scam?

Mass Profit Sites Is No Longer Available! I DID NOT Recommend This Product. See Why Below…

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If you’re like me,  you are probably subscribed to the  email lists of a few notable online marketers; sometimes referred to as “gurus”. And you have probably received numerous emails from them promoting Mass Profit Sites.

Here is my review and it is probably not what you expect!

Here is a copy of one of the emails I received about Mass Profit Sites

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 What Does Mass Profit Sites do?

OK… here it is in a nutshell

You get access to a script that is server based.. Which you have zero control over, not even what niche.

Here are the steps

Step 1 – Start enter the your email and your Clickbank  ID  you joined with
Step 2 – Software magically chooses a product for you; plus it asks for your Amazon Affiliate ID if you have one.
Step 3- Mass Profit Sites creates a domain for you
Step 4 – Confirm it does some vodoo magic (not really) then boom
Step 5- Software gives you a one page site with your affiliate links in them with 1 article. Yes one article.

Here is an example of what the script produces:  Positive Stronger You

Now check the test site and look at the link at the bottom

It’s a darn forex ad on a Self Growth article.  Here’s what the FAQ has to say about this glitch…

You might have noticed that in certain circumstances your articles don’t line up with the product that your site is promoting.  That happens for a couple of very good reasons and it’s perfectly fine.

We optimize the SEO and articles on your site to garner as much traffic as you can get.  We continuously put fresh content on the site so that the search engines know to keep coming back, and to keep sending new eye-balls to your pages.

The product you are promoting is selected based on your niche, but also based on REAL-TIME data from ClickBank on what products are selling the best in THAT niche, and at THAT  very moment.

Our goal is to put as many customers (traffic) in front of the highest converting and best selling products in ClickBank; and that’s what winds up on your site.

Now it gets better!

If you want to build more than ‘one site per day’, you have to pay for the massive up-sell at $197.  So you can create 50 a day… I’m like WTF!

 Why I Don’t Recommend Mass Profit Sites

  •  First this is a server based software. Not that server based software programs are bad; I use several. But in this case you have absolutely no control over what you get!
  • In essence the software creates sub-domain based one-page sites. As stated above based on the FAQ, there is a chance that the content will n0t match the product you’re promoting.
  • Trying to rank a sub-domain is equivalent to creating a new domain requiring its own on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Since the release of Google’s Panda algorithm, Google really frowns on one-page sites built around a single keyword. Even folks who use the Google Sniper method have had to change their strategy slightly in order to get good SERPs.
  • The basic package only allows you to build 1 site every 24 hours. The upgrade (you can create 50 sites/day)  is out of the reach of most marketers at $197.
  • As far as traffic, based on the information in the FAQ, you are mostly dependent on Mass Profit Sites to generate traffic from their sources?
  • You could achieve the same results using Blogger; which is absolutely free. It won’t be 5 mouse clicks, but you’d have more control over content and product selection.

IMHO, this is another shiny object that will undoubtedly suck in newbies looking for a short-cut to online riches.

Online marketing for real profits is a business. As such it does require work. To succeed there are basic skills that must be mastered that no software package regardless of the hype can do for you.

See My Recommendation Below

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Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.


  1. I purchased Mass Profit Sites software (Melford & Concetta Bibens) October 18th. Their webpage would not confirm my order without clicking on the $197 upsell so I couldn’t get confirmation. Then, after seeing the website they gave me, I asked for a refund but multiple E-mails to support at mass profit sites go undeliverable. And in 13 days, I haven’t made a dime. I’d say it is a scam.

    • Hey Chris. From past experience, I tend to shy away from products that are server based and/or that use base product as a teaser with huge upsells. That’s the primary reason I did not recommend this product.

  2. Thought you would like to know from someone who is using MPS.

    I purchased Massprofit sites 13 days ago and have 13 sites.

    All of my sites are web optimised, but are still not indexed. I have submitted to all search engines and now created backlinks for most but still not made a cent.

    I have submitted tickets to MPS and up to now they have been helpful , but state to be patient and my sites will work.

    Cant understand how some can appear in the first page of google and why i am not even indexed when its so automated.

    I will go to 20 sites and see if this system works. If by then i have not made money you know the answer.

    • Generally I can get a site indexed in a couple of days. I use a indexing tool that you can download for free at the link below: http://strategiesforonlinenewbies.com/946/getting-your-site-indexed-fast/

      Also I recommend bookmarking at sites like Digg.com, Jumptags.com, StumbleUpon.com.

      These social bookmarking sites are crawled almost instantly by Google and the link to your site will be picked up by the Google-bots quickly.

      Also, submitting your RSS feed to sites like Pingomatic.com, Pingler.com is another effective method for quick indexing.

      Hope that helps.

  3. I have 40 sites .One a day since i joined and not 1 sale to date. Takes at least 2 weeks to get your site indexed.
    The system does not work and click-bank will refund if you go through them and not MPS support.
    I think 40 days is enough to establish whether a system works or not and this does not.
    I have not heard of anyone actually making money , yet there are quite a few on the first page of Google but probably set up by MPS so you believe it is possible. Good content ,good support from their help-desk but whats the point if you have made no money.
    Click-bank should address this with MPS as they are selling a dream

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