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Make Money Online Fast: Pipe Dream or Real Possibility?

online marketing pipe dream

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“Click Here Now and Make Money Online Fast!” “Quit Your Job Next Week with This Awesome Internet Business!” These are the kind of ads that “attack” the person performing a Google search for “online home based business”. A couple of minutes of this “brainwash”, and the gullible opportunity seeker starts believing that making money online is a fast and easy deal… They rush to the bank, eager to send a check to their “inviters”… soon they are inundating the search engines with their own “Make Money Online Fast” content… others are attracted to the opportunity… the “chain of fools” never ends…

It does seem possible to make money online, fast and easy, yet there are thousands of forum posts, blogs and videos from ex-affiliates of different online businesses, claiming that they were “scammed” (aka unsuccessful).

So, why are some online entrepreneurs “raking in” a fortune, while others don’t see a penny? More importantly, are YOU going to join the ranks of those who are prospering or will you be disappointed?

The key to your online biz success, as I see it, is not the opportunity you pick or what you spend on advertising, but your own development as an entrepreneur. Yes, it is possible to plug into a “turn-key” business system and make some “fast” online money… but is that what you really want? Wouldn’t you rather sustain long-term success and reap benefits from your hard work for years to come?

When I coach my team of inexperienced online entrepreneurs, one of the first things I tell them is that the “conversion rate” of their website is vital to their success. They could be getting a ton of web-site opt-ins, phone calls and emails… but the only thing that really matters is the number of actual “sales” they make. When a customer is making up their mind about your product/opportunity, they are creating a “mental scale” with a favorable decision on one side, and a negative one on the other. What can you do to shift the decision scale to the positive side? The answer is simple: provide personal value.

According to a recent survey on InboxDollars, there are hundreds, if not thousands of affiliates promoting your opportunity on the Net. What can you do to stand out? Separate yourself by providing good support to your team members: share your experience, provide good marketing advice, inspire confidence and enthusiasm. In other words, be a leader! It’s vital that you establish the same atmosphere of professionalism and creativity as a successful traditional business. Your team members will perform well, and your new prospects will recognize the value you offer and join your opportunity, instead of someone else’s…

According to Oregon Executive Coaching, honing your marketing chops and leadership skills is vital in your development as an online entrepreneur, I can’t stress this enough! Even if you’re a naturally shy person with hardly any business experience, you can still put yourself in a highly advantageous position compared to most online marketers, which are not focusing on their personal growth.

In order to be successful you must:

  1. Learn and never stop learning. Marketing is definitely the key to a successful business operation: make sure you study it thoroughly and try various techniques to find what works best for you and your business.
  2. Believe in yourself. This might sound obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people get discouraged after the first couple of weeks of marketing their new online business. They don’t see immediate results and they quickly lose hope. You have to understand that building your online presence as a marketer is going to take some time. It’s my strong belief that anyone can be successful in online business if they give it the time it deserves to grow.

So, in conclusion, should you try one of the “Make Money Online Fast” businesses? Perhaps. Just make sure you pick a mentor that knows a lot about marketing and will give you good training and support; a mentor that will be able to inspire you to become a great mentor yourself. It’s okay to choose a relatively inexperienced person as long as he/she is willing to help you. Just don’t settle for anyone who lacks professionalism and/or commitment!

By Bradley Sinjin Smith,

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