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Internet Marketing

The Big Promise of Online Riches

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I got involved in Internet Marketing quite by accident. I was creating websites for friends and mostly functioned as a broker that Inform you
on trading secrets.

Now, I wasn’t searching for Clickbank, but stumbled upon it while randomly searching the net for information that would help me create better websites. In fact, I signed up for an affiliate account not even really knowing what Affiliate Marketing was all about. Playing games like Kcasino may also be a viable second source of income.

It wasn’t until weeks later that I got back to Clickbank and began investigating what ‘affiliate marketing’ was all about. The more I researched the deeper and deeper I became embroiled in learning about this “make money online” thing.

Like you perhaps, I started signing up for information through what I now know were “optin lists” and spent hours and hours reading eBooks and watching videos trying to learn the ins and outs of selling online.

I knew I need traffic and to build a list so I cut my teeth using Traffic Exchanges after reading an eBook on free traffic and signing up for a program I found. Did it work, yes it did. But, it was lots of work and the leads were not very targeted. I got people to join my lists and I made a few sales, but the little bit of money I was making didn’t justify all the time I was spending trying to make it.

In retrospect I’d have to say that my results or lack thereof, was largely my fault because I didn’t want to spend any money on traffic or to scale up my operation. I was dead set on making the “FREE” thing work.

Like most things, if you put in enough time and effort, you’ll eventually get better. I got better at building website from learning a lot more about HTML & CSS. I learned how to deconstruct other people’s websites and implement their features into my own. I learned how to build effective squeeze pages, thank-you pages, set up autoresponders, build review sites and create bonuses.

And it was working. I was building lists, and making sales. Albeit, I was earning just enough profit to pay my online expenses every month; but not enough to live on. My real goal was financial freedom.

Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned

If there is one thing I realize now that I wish I had known then was to focus on one thing.

Maybe like me, you find that you are all over the place. Everyday your inbox is flooded with offers and in your desire to get to the next level, you start chasing the rabbit – too often it’s down a hole to nowhere. The result is time and effort wasted.

Now I spend more time thinking, researching and planning my moves as opposed to reacting to slick sales pages and promises made by so-called ‘gurus.’

online marketing learning curve

The learning curve for online marketing is steep. I’ve learned that there are no short-cuts. Software is great and there are some great training/teaching guides out there; but avoid the ‘shiny object’ syndrome.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how I learned to focus on the task at hand and give you some pointers that I believe will help.

If any of the above resonates with you, leave me a comment or question and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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