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Paul PonnaSoftware creator  “Paul Ponna” is going to produce yet another “Triple-Threat” application solution named his Income Hybrid System.

Paul, in reality, pumped over 11,169 website subscribers in just a couple of nights employing this brand new process!

The guy was basically helpful enough to allow me personally secret admittance to their brand new program in addition to… I’ve got to assert… ((We’re Floored! )#)) You can really make money online fast using this system.

The actual amazing idea is actually that you won’t need any weblog or perhaps a website for getting this approach operational by yourself.

For real… I actually DESPISE some of those so-called “2-click” like magic software program sales pages sprouting up continually… nonetheless even as difficult because this will seem… We really set up the actual computer code coming from Income Hybrid System in under 10 mouse clicks!

I simply pray Paul is not going to plaster numerous aggravating headlines all around their product page… for example “Make $20, 000 in under 10 mouse clicks! ouch… lol

O.K.,  all of the laughs aside, through this message, I wish to talk about exactly what Paul seems to have covertly developed…

So I’m most likely seriously not meant to reveal this approach, however, I’m well-known regarding chopping right through the ballyhoo as well as moving immediately the actual beef; as well as having everybody discover if perhaps the application will leave a bad taste in your mouth or is it really a sweet deal!

And so here We go…

What the heck is Income Hybrid System? — ((Crap or simply Candy? )#))

Paul quite simply engineered the “Kick-Ass” Facebook Fanpage money-making model! For sure, it is actually “another” myspace fan page generator…

Nevertheless, this is certainly a little something completely unique mainly because it doesn’t necessitate installing of WordPress or even any kind of MSQL databases etcetera… believe it or not, you won’t actually need your website!!

Moreover, this really is incredibly more effective and contains a great deal more elements as compared with a lot of other software. For instance, it’s an out of the proverbial box answer that offers ready-made niche market design templates (pounds reduction, online security measure and so on). Is your company protected with the latest cybersecurity technologies? Discover why you should be working with an experienced cybersecurity consulting management like https://www.sapphire.net/ today.

… which essentially suggests.. you could get this particular performing a thousand X more quickly compared to usual!

I really believe… this particular offer you much more appeal compared to additional resources as well as for a $47 cost this is an AWESOME bargain!

It is easy to actually have a very good money-making fan page live installed and operating inside around 5 short minutes or even a lot less.. personally, I did so. If you are actually a novice to this approach… it could be 15 minutes.

However, like with almost all Paul’s programs… Income Hybrid System is easy to set-up and operate.

You will essentially stick to the 5-minute installation wizard, after that, it sends back a computer code.. and you simply go to the right to Facebook with a super easy copy-n-paste…. you now have a profit getting Fan page.

You will have the alternative in order to profit from the actual site working with Clickbank, Amazon.com, as well as eBay… virtually all 3 which have produced for me a lot of cash!

However, it’s also possible to easily develop a big subscriber list by using the list generating web templates.. and then sell associated products and services to your list of subscribers.

An additional method which I have already been earning cash with Fan pages… is actually putting up 100 % free Ipad tablet offers on wall posts!

These are typically CPA offers in which the buyer has got to input their own smartphone number as well as input the pin number passcode.

Actually, we created $100 in an afternoon coming from a pair of Fan Page posts! There are approximately 6k followers at the moment we published on this fan page.

Plus the fan page is for a popular NHL squad.

Which means if you consider concerning this, you are able to develop a mail list, plus a fan-page list… after that publicize your own products towards each of those. Actually, the popular email administration website, Aweber can easily auto-post straight to Facebook whenever you process an email message to a mailing list!

Moreover, you are able to set up the Twitter accounts, combine this with your fan page… after that utilizing Aweber, you are able to transmit your own information utilizing all of the 3 Income Hybrid systems!!

… Fanpage Walls publish, Twitter Tweet posts, as well as e-mail messages!

This can enormously enhance the deliverability (in the event that’s a good expression lol) to your promotional email… ultimately causing considerable revenues and/or commission!

Essentially, exactly what I’m endeavoring to assert is actually… you’ve got a healthier prospect of delivering your deals for your potential customers making use of all of the 3 options rather than just one.

I mainly obtain an 8% clickthrough rate through email… however using all of the 3 Income Hybrid Systems, I have experienced about 30%!

One amazing point regarding this entire option is actually… Fan pages now are becoming rated within the yahoo and google just for primary search terms! Meaning NO COST website traffic.. and lots of them!

The best part is… once you know a little bit of about how precisely to work with the actual Facebook marketing campaign program, you are able to deliver visitors for your Fanpage with regard to about half the price delivering visitors to an external web page out of Facebook.

It is well-known that Fanpage marketing is significantly considerably more cost-effective compared to website advertisements while using Facebook advert program.

Actually, I managed to get two penny mouse clicks to at least one of my own fan pages, as well as Not long ago I put together a new fan page associated with more than 10, 000 inside 3 weeks with typically 7 mere cents for each fan!!… this is for each FAN… not even for every mouse click!!! Just while using Facebook advertising program!

Yes.. this was my own NHL team fan page: –)

What are the Income Hybrid System Upsells?

Yes… you can get 3 upsells that you’ll discover once you get a copy of Income Hybrid System

Income Hybrid System Upsell #1 — A lot more Facebook fan page design templates along with AUTO-POSTING associated with content material plus youtube video to the fan page!

I actually endorse this particular upsell since you also automatically receive the additional web templates put directly into your own membership.

With this auto-posting aspect, you will spend less precious time and much more notably… you retain your brand-new listing of fans excited through the fresh new content material… which will mean a great deal more product sales as well as profits!

Moreover, do not need to outsource any personnel to share products as part of your fan pages… this means you save cash at the same time!

Income Hybrid System Upsell #2 — Personalized lessons with Paul Ponna…

I truly do not think you require that. For people with the additional bucks… perhaps contemplate it, but the truth is you could generally have more mentoring once you start making a couple of $ 100 or so dollars every week through the fan pages

Income Hybrid System Upsell #3 — Website traffic along with back-linking models along with instruction.

This is certainly in all probability worth the money… however, you can locate a plethora of advice on the Warrior Forum pertaining to how to attract back-linking website traffic. And so, perhaps forget about this also.

My very own Endorsement

Which means… in my genuine belief, this Income Hybrid system merits the actual $47 purchase, as well as the Upsell #1, is likewise strongly recommended.

(I actually have no idea of the price of Upsells when posting this particular message. Paul did not inform us, he basically provided me personally secret admission to the first product)

Therefore… I just endorse getting yourself into Paul’s hottest method as well as leverage the Facebook fan page rage which web marketers are actually generating significant profit through at this time: –)

WORD OF ADVICE: Make use of the helpful hints We presented this message to increase your own profits & fees using the Income Hybrid system!

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.


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  2. I was wondering if I could use this with my current facebook page or will I have to create another one? I am still pretty new to all of this and would like hopefully an answer to this question

    • Yes. Paul has created a tutorial that shows you how to integrate Income Hybrid with the new Facebook timeline! It’s fairly simple and works great…

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