Easy Profit Lists Review

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Nuts & Bold of Easy Profit Lists

Easy Profit Lists is a simple step by step over-the-shoulder video training that will help users quickly and easily build a profitable list to generate income hand over fist… without the time and headache of creating their own products.

This course is about Email Marketing: building a list of subscribers, engage with them, establish trust and promoting offers to earn commissions. It consists of pre-training, which are three videos (31 minutes in total), and 11 additional training videos (163 minutes combined).

In the pre-training videos, you will learn how to develop your mindset by expanding your horizons regularly (books, videos, recent news). Then, there is a theoretic part about positioning yourself as an authority, getting your subscribers to trust you, and use that to promote offers, including high ticket offers to earn higher commissions.

You’ll discover how to cherry-pick a high converting offer to promote, create an awesome relationship-building funnel, and a kick-ass bonus package to ensure they join their buyer’s list! Literally building a buyers list from someone else’s hard work…nice!

The Course Training videos are as follows:

  1. Pick an offer that sells well from JVZoo.
  2. Look for related PLR products on “DownloadPLRProducts”, which you can offer as bonuses.
  3. Set up an auto-responder account (AWeber is recommended).
  4. Build a squeeze page by using InstaBuilder, and add an exit pop. The exit pop can direct to a second squeeze page, your bridging page (explained in step 5), pay per lead program, one of your other funnels, or a page with links to click banking partners (explained in step 8).
  5. Create a “Bridging Page Video”, which contains a video where you introduce yourself, present the product, the problem it solves, its benefits, and your unique proposal (the bonuses you picked earlier are the motivators).
  6. Create a thank you page with the bonuses included for the people who buy the product through your affiliate link.
  7. Set up your sales funnel: Squeeze page => Bridging Page => Affiliate offer => Thank You Page. The people who buy the product through your link will be added to your “buyers list” on AWeber or GetResponse, and the others who have opted-in but didn’t purchase will be added to a separate list of “free subscribers”.
  8. Drive traffic to your squeeze page. Combine several methods of obtaining traffic to get the best results: paid traffic (solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads), free traffic (Blogs, Forums, Facebook timeline, and profile) and leveraged traffic (“click banking”). The latter means to exchange a certain amount of clicks with other marketers by recommending to opt-in to each other subscribers list. You should “warm-up” your potential buyers and get socialized with them, to get more sales.
  9. Send interesting and entertaining emails with a call to action to your free subscriber’s list. Your goal is to make them trust you, so eventually, they will purchase through your links, and will be added to your buyer’s list. As for your buyer’s list, establish yourself as a trusted authority by helping and engaging with them. Keep promoting offers, and ultimately aim for high tickets products to increase your income.
  10. Rinse and repeat.

If you are new to Email Marketing, you will want to check out Easy Profit Lists to learn about the field and get a view of how to set up a sales funnel.

If you already have a subscribers list, this course can give you tips to get better results.

However, note that some parts of the course are mainly theoretical, and certain topics are covered briefly (you are directed to other products of the creator to get a more depth information).

Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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