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I recently got an email from one of my subscribers asking me if CTR Max was worth purchasing. He went on to say that he had received multiple emails about this product and was looking for an honest opinion. What D.M. knows is that I am a bottom line guy and that products I recommend, I use in my own business.

How does he know this? Well, I’ve been mentoring and partnering with D.M. on multiple projects over the last year. My answer to D.M. was that this product is hot because it automates a closely guarded secretDynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI).

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Dynamic keyword insertion is the process that dynamically inserts a keyword into your blog content when triggered by a searcher’s query.

Most often we see Dynamic Keyword Insertion used by PPC services like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search marketing, and Microsoft Ad Center. So if I create an Ad Group for “my golf store” that includes keywords like:

  • golf balls
  • golf tees
  • golf clubs
  • etc.

With dynamic keyword insertion, people who search for “golf balls” the words golf balls will be dynamically inserted into my blog content. For people who search for “golf clubs” that phrase is inserted, etc.

With dynamic keyword insertion, I am inserting the keyword in my blog posts or pages that is triggered by the visitor.

CTR Max plugin dynamically inserts keyword and product optimized listings into your pages for you.

Your sales will naturally increase because visitors will see the exact products they were searching for, no matter where they land on your blog

Your content becomes more relevant and you can immediately show them the products they need or want.

Benefits of Using CTR Max

  • The major benefit of CTR Max is that Dynamic Keyword Insertion will substantially increase click-through rate. DKI works. That’s why it is used by Google, Yahoo & Bing in PPC Ad campaigns.
  • More Specific Targeting – The beauty of CTR Max is that you can now generate content and product offers that are highly targeted.
  • Reduced Bounce Rate – Bounce rate is one of the several factors used by Google’s Panda algorithm to evaluate your site. Low bounce rate is rewarded by Google. The result is better SERP (Search engine results Position).

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CTRMax Features

  • Dynamic product listings – You display the most relevant products to each visitor, based on the keywords they used
  • Dynamic keyword insertion – Visitors find the content they are searching for
  • Conversion optimized areas – The products and keywords are placed right at the top and center of the page
  • Custom offer areas – You can create your own custom promo boxes, optins and more
  • iFrame you entire blog – Turn your SEO blog into a sales letter, an affiliate offer, or redirect to another site, without affecting your rankings.

CTR Max is undetectable by humans or search engine spiders. Your site cannot be penalized.

CTR Max will reduce bounce rates, and turn your “DEAD” non-performing affiliate sites into money makers again.

You definitely want to check this out. It is a fact that increase click through rate on your affiliate links…means more sales

This method works… trust me.

Even better, these powerful features and benefits are contained in a WordPress plugin that you can grab right now and install in minutes. Almost instantly you’ll begin to see a difference in sticky-ness and click-through-rates.

Get CTR MAX and take a look for yourself.



Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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