Commission Espionage Review

Commission Espionage by Tom Bradley

commission espionage

In this article I’m basically going to give you the lowdown on Commission Espionage. By the end of it you’ll know that this is just another one of Rob Benwell’s SCAMs!

Commission Espionage Nuts & Bolts

According to the creators, Tom Brady (a.k.a. Rob Benwell & Dale Baxter) – “has been specially designed to help you set up a blog and start making money from day 1.”

Allegedly Tom and his team will “reveal extremely powerful techniques” that they have been “trialling and testing for over 18 months”

What are advertised as new and revolutionary tactics are in fact just more of the same old rehashed blogging tactics that have been around for some time.

In essence, Commission Espionage is a COMPLETE REHASH of Rob Benwell’s Blogging Espionage which launched back in June 2010. (The product has since been pulled and any links to the sales page redirect you to Rob’s Blogging To The Bank)

The Strategy

  • Purchase a aged domain related to your niche, preferably a domain with Page Rank and back-links.
  • Create a WordPress  niche or review blog
  • Monetize with Paid Posting, Link Sales, Banner Sales or Clickbank
  • Rinse & Repeat

This is a 91 page guide that provides little information on innovative techniques and a lot of wasted pages on definition of terms, how to set up a WordPress blog, and the basics of using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

What is really amazing is that the Commission Espionage sales page goes on and on about how most of the GURUS sell crap products that do not work and this guy turns around and creates what amounts to as the very same kind of crap product he criticizes.

You would be better served joining the Warrior Forum as you will find these same basic techniques for free.

I can think of a lot better ways to waste $17 or $47 OTO is a video version of the eBook.

If you are serious about profiting with blogs, I recommend John Yeo’s Bloggers Paycheck.







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