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Rob Benwell has redesigned ‘Blogging To The Bank“. Review on it is a bit mixed in a sense that there are already six versions. The latest version is Blogging To The Bank – Members. Let’s just go to the main part of this Blogging to the Bank Review.

Blogging to the Bank teaches anyone how to earn substantial profits blogging. All the 6 versions of ‘Blogging to the Bank‘ have been hugely successful. But the real question is how is the latest version different from its predecessors and is it worth buying?

One of the downsides of previous versions was that often there was a lot of rehash or overlap from previous version with only a couple of chapters devoted to new stuff.

Because blogging and online marketing in general is changing at such a rapid pace, the new version of Blogging To The Bank is designed as a membership. This way, you (members) can receive the most current tips, techniques and trends for making money blogging as they happen. It eliminates having to wait for new product launches to receive the updated information.

The final version of Blogging To The Bank covers a ton of money making blog tactics. These are the same tactics that have made Rob Benwell a millionaire through blogging.

In fact, Rob exposes the 3 Biggest Blogging Myths in this short video. Click here to watch!

The content in the new version has been created to meet the needs of anyone who wants to earn online blogging. If you’re a newbie, Blogging To The Bank covers every aspect of getting started and making money blogging. For those that are more advanced, the modules will not only refresh your memory about things you used to do, but there is a ton of brand new cutting edge information that is essential for blogging sucess now, in 2012 and beyond!

Once you’ve joined the membership, you’ll get access to the dashboard and all the training material. The basic membership includes:

  • 5 Step Blogging System (PDF’s, Videos & MP3’s)
  • Blogging To The Bank Blueprints

There is a Platinum upgrade available for monthly coaching, but that is not immediately necessary.

The Downside

Some people say that versions of Rob Benwells Blogging To The Bank are just regurgitated rehash. Also, as BttB3, 2010 and 2011 were advanced products, there were things assumed of new buyers (e.g. certain skills). These blogging tactics were covered within version 1 or 2.

I have amassed alot of Online marketing guides over the years but am always open to fresh ideas even if they are regurgitated. They could be fresh to me and as I say often I have read something that has caused me to say’ I used to do that — why did I stop

Summary of Blogging To The Bank review

If blogging for money is something you are interested in learning, Blogging To The Bank is a great resource. But like any other product, your success depends on your following the system outline.












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