Blog Blueprint Review

The Doors To Blog Blueprint Are Closed For Good!

The bad news is that Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback no longer offer Blog Blueprint… however, there is some good news!

A better more powerful system for creating, maintaining and profiting from automated blogs is available – Marketing on the Fringe from Bill McRea.

I’ve been using Bill’s system for months and he’s got it nailed down, especially if you’re into niche marketing and manage blogs in many different niches.

Head over to the official site and check it out. Bill’s system uses many of the tactics in Blog Blueprint and includes a really powerful autoblogging software program that will save you hours and hours of time while generating relevant niche content.

Would you believe that autoblogging still works?

Recently I ran into a new and powerful automated blogging system and purchased a copy for review based on what the sales claimed the system would do.

The name of the system is Marketing On The Fringe 3.0. Its creator is Bill McRea, a well known and well-respected Internet Marketer.

What is Autoblogging?

Generally speaking, auto-blogging refers to the process of creating blogs that are set up to have certain tasks done automatically. For instance, with auto-blogging, you can publish focused content to your blog(s) as well as automate the task of creating back-links using services like bookmarking and RSS directories.

Why Should You Automate YOUR Blog?

There are 3 main reasons why auto-blogging is a valuable tool in your marketing campaign:

1. Search Engines Love Content:

Search engines absolutely love regularly updated content. In the context of your relationship with the search engines, the more updating that can be done the better it is for you.

At present, Google holds about 70% of the search engine market share. This means that 70% of search engine traffic flows through Google. While other search engines are of value, you definitely want to focus your attention on Google above the other search engines.

2. Time is money… don’t waste yours:

Creating focused content or having to spend time configuring back-links can be very time consuming, especially in markets that you have not yet proven to be profitable in. Auto-blogging can take care of those tasks for you, freeing you up to focus on tasks that have a better return on investment.

3. Time is money… but only if you use it wisely:

Like already said, auto-blogging takes care of such time-consuming tasks as focused content publishing and back-link creation for you automatically. This frees you up to quickly set up multiple blogs with which you can quickly test multiple different micro-niches for profitability. Once found, you can then move on to expansion and domination!

What Makes Marketing On The Fringe Different:

Auto-blogging has been around for some time and the use of auto-blogging systems is not uncommon. However, these systems have received a bad rap over the years because of their over-emphasis on speed. For example, an old 2004 model of internet marketing suggested that internet marketers should focus on fast results (quickest ROI possible) rather than on the quality of content. The result? Blogs were built with a mash-up of useless content that had little to no value to visitors of the site. The hope was that the site visitor would simply ignore the content and move straight on to click on the ads (after all, that’s where the revenue comes in).

Well, in today’s tech-savvy market, this model no longer works. Not only are discerning visitors demanding quality but so are the search engines. As already mentioned, search engines love the updated content but now they demand a more natural content flow. By ‘natural’ we simply mean that it has all the appearance of human involvement. By producing quality updated content, you offer value to both the search engines and your human visitors. So, while speed is an important component to the marketing process, you definitely want to give attention to quality. If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to watch the video for more insight on the value to the search engines and to your site readers.

What You Will Learn

You will learn in Marketing on the Fringe:

  • Everything you need to know to generate traffic easily
  • Automated unique content flow and tag and ping
  • Set up to automatically integrate with WP Command Central
  • Fast website rendering for better SEO

Who Is MOF3 For?

Marketing on the Fringe is a complete auto blogging system that — unlike many other products out there — is not just a flimsy 50-page PDF that leaves its reader asking more questions than getting answers.

It is an extremely detailed and easy-to-follow system with proven training and powerful tools that gives you everything you need to be a successful auto blogger.

This system is based off what the creators have been doing for the past 4+ years and focuses on building a solid autoblogging business and NOT creating short-term “spam blogs” that offer nothing of value to either the search engines or the readers.

MOF3 is perfect for both new and experienced bloggers. As stated in the sales copy, most of the blogging courses offered are still teaching outdated, obsolete methods. These methods were may have worked a couple of years ago, but times have changed and so must your strategies.

You get the most comprehensive and inclusive training available for creating a profitable network of long-term blogs quickly.

The system overcomes the challenge of learning how to succeed in a piece-meal manner. You’re getting state of the art, real-time information, and in addition, you can participate in the forum with other auto bloggers to hash out strategies and tactics and to learn how to best optimize your autoblogging business.

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