Article Buddy Pro Review

Today I am doing a review on Article Buddy Pro.


Do You Want To Save Time Writing Content?

If you’re looking for a faster, better way to generate 100% unique articles for back-linking then I’d like to suggest you look at ArticleBuddy Pro. You know you need content, but hate writing scores of articles because it’s labor-intensive and time-consuming.

If you’re after FREE TRAFFIC, you know you need to generate content all across the web with your links pointing back to your money site right?

And this is, in my opinion, this is the real power behind ArticleBuddy Pro.

I have used Web 2.0 properties like Blogger, WordPress, HubPages, Weebly, etc. to boost the rankings in Google of my money sites. It’s a proven technique for getting high-quality backlinks. But who likes to write 500-word articles day-in-and-day-out?

What if you could cut that time in half?

 Yeah, you can outsource, but that can get expensive – especially if you have a lot of websites. Article Buddy makes creating unique content for these kinds of sites a snap.

If you’re like me then you are in business to make money. Anything that can save me time and increase my efficiency adds to my bottom line in profits. If you divide up the cost of articles created with Article Buddy Pro, it’s much more valuable than outsourcing to article sites or paying for gigs on Fiverr.com.  Article Buddy Pro’s cost is literally peanuts.

Article Buddy is innovative! Content That Is Unique To Google

  • Fully Fledged Content Curator (Value $197)
    All you have to do is insert your keyword and Article Buddy will curate and generate 10 options for you to choose from within seconds.
  • Push Button 100% Unique Articles (Value $497)
    All you have to do is click execute and Article Buddy will rewrite your content or the curated content into a 100% unique article within seconds.
  • Transform ANY Video Into An Amazing Article (Value $197)
    Article Buddy will turn any Youtube URL you throw at it into an article by transcribing all the spoken words.
  • Automatic Video Curator And Poster (Value $297)
    Article Buddy only needs your keyword and website info and will curate videos & articles, turn them into unique content, then post BOTH on your website automatically, getting you tons of unique, SEO friendly and traffic generating content within seconds.


article buddy features

So what is this innovative method?

The software creates content that is 100% unique to Google and Copyscape, but that looks the same to readers by manipulating HTML entities.

HTML entities is a way for web developers to encode a text character. Every character that can by typed also has an equivalent HTML entity. For example, the letter “A” has an HTML entity that is “A“. So when developing a web page or adding content every time the programmer enters “A” the browser will show it as a letter “A‘.

Article Buddy Pro takes advantage of the fact that the users ‘sees’ it as the letter “a” but the browser (and Google Spider) sees it as the HTML entity. By changing nonimportant words such as prepositions (words like, in / a / at/for etc..) which Google does not put any importance on into HTML entities it is creating what to Google looks like a unique article. Here let me give you a real example. Consider this sentence.

“Bob’s blog is a really great resource”

We could convert as such:

“Bob’s blog i s a really great resource”

To you and I, these sentences look exactly the same as the browser will automatically convert the HTML entities into readable text characters. However, to Google, they are completely different. Also, notice that in the second sentence only the prepositions are converted. The important words “Bob’s blog”, “really great resource”  the things I want Google to be indexing are still there. This really is an innovative method that takes advantage of the fact that browsers convert HTML entities but Google ‘sees’ the ‘source’.

What’s different in this updated version of Article Buddy?

Creator Radu explains that it pulls more articles per keyword search and it also has a new WordPress auto-posting feature. I would not recommend auto-posting these articles to your WordPress blog (at least not en masse) but the feature is there if you want to use it.

The big takeaway about this software is that unlike traditional article spinning, the software is not substituting synonyms; which can often result in articles that are unique to the search engines, but not readable by humans.


  1. Creates 100% unique content. Google and Copyscape will see it as unique.
  2. The software pulls content from EzineArticles and does it fast.
  3. Simple to use and operate.
  4. The software will also convert YouTube videos to text, which creates a whole other stream of unique content. (You will have to edit it, but it gives you a good start with your articles)
  5. The software is inexpensive. You get a lot of value for your money.
  6. Money back guarantees through JVZoo.com if you’re not satisfied.


  1. The User Manual could be written better. There are some details that are left for granted by the user.
  2. You may have to use the alternative installation because of the Javascript in the software. I made several attempts to install the primary software and then discovered that there was an alternative download. Once I did that however, the software loaded straightaway without incident.
  3. There is no help or support button within the software. (This should be added in an update!)

Watch the video interview with creator Radu Hahaianu

At the time of this blog post, you can purchase Article Buddy Pro at up to an 80% Discount here.

In addition, Radu, et al are offering the following high-quality bonuses to sweeten the pot!article-buddy-bonuses


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Bob Coleman is the owner and creator of Bob Coleman Recommends. He is also the principal at Rhema Web Marketing, an SEO/Social Media Marketing firm that helps small businesses get results online.

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